Purchasing a Gift Voucher


 For the Purchaser of the Gift Voucher, Please follow the instructions below:

You can Purchase a Gift Voucher just like any other product on our Website.

1).    On the Gift Voucher Page, choose the dollar amount you would like from the drop down box, then select the “add to cart” button.

2).  The Cart Page will display a subtotal which represents the amount of the Gift Voucher.  A Shipping Charge of $9.90 will also be displayed which represents the cost of shipping the goods your Recipient chooses which will be delivered by Australia Post E-Parcel.

The Shipping of $9.90 is NOT a shipping cost for delivery of the Gift Voucher as the Gift Voucher is sent directly by email.

When you are finished on the Cart Page Select the “Proceed to Checkout Button”.

3).  On the Checkout Page, Choose your payment method, if Paying by PayPal or Credit card you will be taken directly to the PayPal Site. (For Credit Card Payments, select the PAYPAL button).

4).  If Paying by Electronic Funds Transfer or Cheque Payment, Tick the “Terms and Conditions” box, then click the “Place Order” Button.

5).  You will receive an Order Confirmation by email as the purchaser of the Gift Voucher and the Gift Voucher will be sent via email to the email address provided at the time of purchase.  The Gift Voucher will contain a voucher code that can be redeemed at our website puzzlepalace.com.au.  for the gift of your choice.


A. For the Gift Recipient,  Please follow the instructions below:

1).   The Gift Voucher that you received by email will contain a Coupon Code

2).  To use your Gift Voucher on our website, simply place your order as per normal and enter the Coupon Code on the cart Page where it says “Apply Coupon”.  Once you enter the coupon Code, a message will be displayed saying “Coupon Code Applied”.

3). No Shipping will be charged at the Checkout, as the Shipping has already been paid for by the Purchaser of Your Gift Voucher. Click the “Proceed to Checkout” button.

4). On the Check Out Page, if your order is to a value higher than the value of your Gift Voucher, you will need to pay the balance by another payment method, choose a payment method.  If your order is to a value less than your Gift Voucher value, the balance will remain available on your coupon code for future use.

6). If you choose PayPal or Credit Card as a payment method, you will be taken directly to the PayPal site.  If you Choose Direct Bank Deposit or Cheque/Money Order as your Payment method, enter your Shipping Details on the Checkout Page, tick the “Terms & Conditions” box, and click Place Order.

7). You will receive an Order Confirmation and your Gift will be Shipped to you by Australia Post eParcel with a Tracking Number after any balance payable is due.

2).  The Gift voucher cannot be redeemed for cash or a credit card refund. You may use the voucher for any item listed on our site.  All purchases must be made within three years of the purchase date of the Gift Voucher, this date is displayed on your Gift Voucher.  We are not responsible for misplaced online gift certificates.

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