Family Pieces 400

Here is the perfect solution for families puzzled about what to do together!  The Family Puzzle has large, medium , and small sized pieces making it the perfect fit for families of all sizes!

What are Family Puzzles? Family Puzzles are unique because each 400 piece puzzle includes small, medium, and large size pieces. The large pieces, good for young children, are on one side of the puzzle. The small pieces, good for adults or puzzle experts, are on the other side. And in the middle are medium size pieces. Small hands have an easier time picking up large size pieces. As well, it’s easier to see the detail of the image in a large or medium size puzzle piece. However, don’t be surprised if the younger one is picking up the small pieces with their eagle eyes! Sometimes, it’s the adults with impaired vision who enjoys working the larger size pieces! Family Puzzles are the missing piece to your family time!

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