Jigsaw Puzzles

A World of Jigsaw Puzzles to test your mind and spirit, we have puzzles galore so come and explore our quality brands.

Jigsaw puzzles are hardly new.  They have been around since the 1700’s, and have evolved from hand-cut wooden educational tools to a huge industry developed for children and adults alike.

Jigsaws have certainly stood the test of time, providing education and hours of peaceful time passed.  What studies are now showing is that jigsaw puzzles have lasting benefits both to our health and basic well-being.

Puzzles are a unique activity that allow us to achieve a state of creative meditation, while providing a fun activity that imparts a sense of accomplishment.  The benefits to the brain are becoming more and more clear.  Perhaps even more powerful are the effects on the subconscious in helping us piece together this puzzle we call life.

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