Chuck Pinson – Catching Dreams 1000 Piece Puzzle
Chuck Pinson - Catching Dreams 1000 Piece Puzzle


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Brand | Manufacturer: Crown & Andrews

1000 Pieces

Artist: Chuck Pinson

Recommended Age: 12 Yrs +

Dimensions: 70.0 cm x 50.0 cm approximately when completed

Part of the “Chuck Pinson” Collection also includes

Strength Along the Journey

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Call of the Wild

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Product Description

Chuck Pinson – Catching Dreams 1000 Piece Puzzle

Chuck Pinson: We all have hopes and dreams.  These act as fuel to move us forward to take on new challenges and venture to new places.  Each new morning offers an opportunity to metaphorically board a sailboat and set out in pursuit of those dreams.  The cobblestone street and dock in this painting leads you down to the central sailboat, which is ready to set off through the village harbour.  It is a morning of beauty and promise, inviting you to step out in faith and pursue your dreams.

The Artist: Chuck Pinson

There is the kind of beauty seen with the eye, and there is the kind of beauty seen with the heart.  My love for both kinds is the basis for the creation of my Romantic Realist paintings.  They are visions meant to tell an enriching story and speak to the soul with heart warming imagery in vibrant colour, dramatic light, and precise detail, inviting the viewer to step inside to another place and be inspired in his or her own way each day.”

Each painting begins with contemplation of the beauty found within 4 realms: nature, collective human experience, human engineering, and spiritual truth.  This culminates in a daydream or vision for a new scene.  Each painstaking layer requires hours of concentration for a methodical refining of brush marks, gradients, and detail.  It takes many weeks to capture each scene.

Chuck’s inspiration comes from a love of the beauty, a passion for truth, and the desire to create images that both communicate and bring joy to others.  Seeking to merge his training and interest in ministry with the creation of art, some paintings go a step beyond the strokes of colour and light to convey a message.  Hence, one can find warm themes such as community, love, romance, peace, relationship, faith, family, and spiritual truth infused within the subject matter.


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