Escape Puzzle

The Escape Room concept is now available as a Ravensburger puzzle! It’s up to you to put the puzzle together, find the mysteries and solve them all. Will you be able to solve all of the mysteries and find the ‘last’ puzzle piece? A mysterious illustration plunges puzzlers and players into a mystifying world where it is all about finding the ‘escape’!There are 6 Different Puzzles to Collect in the Escape Series:Observatory, The Temple Grounds, The Witches Kitchen, Submarine, Dragon Laboratory and Vampire Castle.There are usually 6-8 riddles/Mysteris to solve in each jigsaw. All the riddles are embedded within the jigsaw image. Ravensburger has cleverly changed the box art so nothing about the mysteries is given away there; there goes the old theory of using the lid to help put the puzzle together! And there doesn’t seem to be enough edge pieces. And what are those strange numbers on the few edge pieces that there are? So many conundrums to ponder in this brilliant new Escape Room jigsaw concept by Ravensburger.A lot of extra puzzling on top of an already challenging 759 piece jigsaw to put togetherHow to go about it….•Read the incredible story of the dire situation you’re in.•Assemble the puzzle to reveal riddles not seen on the box image.•Solve the riddles and locate the numbered answer pieces.•Connect answer pieces to find the key to your escape!Contents•759 Perplexing Pieces•Instructions•An Envelope with Answers

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