Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver

How do I use Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver

Place your completed puzzle with the image-side up on a flat surface. We suggest you place a few layers old newspaper between the flat surface and the jigsaw you are about to conserve.

Important: Always shake the puzzle conserver vigorously before each use!

Then, brush the puzzle conserver carefully over the image. Make sure to apply the appropriate amount as indicated on the conserver bottle!
Let the puzzle dry for a day. The protective layer of newspaper may stick to the back of your jigsaw once dry, but this can easily be torn off.
For puzzles with up to 500 pieces, this is enough support and an adhesive hook can be attached. Puzzles with more than 500 pieces should also be glued down onto a piece of plywood for additional support. For this step, you can use either white wood glue, wallpaper paste or Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver.

To conserve 9,000-piece to 32,000-piece puzzles, you must first complete all the sections of the puzzle (from all the different bags) and fit them all together. We recommend using three bottles of Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver to seal a 9,000-piece puzzle and four bottles for an 18,000-piece puzzle. You may require up to 8 bottles of conserver for a 32,000-piece jigsaw.

Please note the following when using this product:

1.   Shake the conserver well before use (glue particles sink over time).
2.  Do not store the conserver at a temperature below 0° C.
3.  If a puzzle is too damp during application, the cardboard may swell.
4.  Make sure glue gets into the cracks between the puzzle pieces and don’t rub the glue into the design image.
5.  If there are clumps in the conserver, then it is too old and can no longer be used; you can easily tell whether there are any clumps by shaking the bottle.
6.  Do not remove the sponge tip; simply clean the conserver by rinsing it under running water in the sink.
7.  Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver should not be used on puzzles made by other companies.

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