Brand | Manufacturer: Outset Media

Recommended Age: 7 + Yrs

Number of Players:  2 – 8 Players

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Professor Noggin – OUTER SPACE Card Game

From Planets and asteroids to rockets and probes, discover the interesting things floating around in Outer space.  Learn about moons, satellites, spacecraft, and the history of space exploration.  Packed with fun and fascination facts about the final frontier.

  • Professor Noggin’s series of educational games encourages kids to learn interesting facts about their favourite subjects
  • Each card combines trivia, true or false, and multiple choice questions
  • Easy and hard levels keep kids challenged – while of course having fun!
  • Ages 7+ Years
  • For 2 – 8 Players


  • 30 illustrated Cards
  • 1 special three numbered die
  • instruction sheet

Instructions: HOW TO PLAY THE GAME

Who is Professor Noggin?

Professor Noggin is a woman full of fun facts and knowledge. Born and raised in a library, she eventually read every book it had to offer. She started with the children’s section, and finished with the encyclopedias.

Being raised by the local librarian in a quiet, lonely library didn’t offer Professor Noggin many stimulating days. If she got too excited, she was told, “shh, be quiet! This is a library!” She promised herself that when she was older, she would provide children with fun games that they could play for hours on end.

One day, Professor Noggin became an adult. Using the incredible knowledge she had gained, she invented a time machine, and travelled throughout history, visiting all parts of the world.

She quickly became very lonely traveling by herself, so she offered to take Students of Learning with her. This gave students an opportunity to see dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, and all kinds of other interesting things.

Her Students of Learning filled notebooks with lots of facts that they learned on their journeys. Professor Noggin, with all her knowledge, could tell if the facts were right or wrong. She thought the facts were excellent, and she decided to turn them all into card games.


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