Great Barrier Reef 1000 PC Jigsaw Puzzle
Great Barrier Reef 1000 PC Jigsaw Puzzle



Brand | Manufacturer:  James Hamilton Grovely (JHG)

1000 Pieces

Recommended Age: Adults

Made: England

Dimensions:  72.0 cm x 51.0 cm approximately when completed

Shipping Business Days via Australia Post from Sydney with Tracking Number

$9.90 Flat rate Shipping per Order Australia Wide

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Product Description

Great Barrier Reef 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Situated just off the Queensland coast, Australia’s underwater wonderland stretches some  1931.213 km.  It is the mightiest structure on earth built and regenerated by countess billions of the smallest and simplest member of the animal kingdom.  Each animal – a coral larvae – instinctively seeks to protect itself by construction its own limestone cell within days of birth.  soon the larva becomes a polyp.  The ne polyps attach themselves to and grow upon the original coral, so expanding it.  When they die they leave a honeycombed limestone structure upon which future generations will flourish.  The result of this collective effort is this stupendous Reef which provides shelter and home for over 1,000 species of underwater creatures, the majority of wich proclaim their presence in a vivid adornment of colour.

Brilliant colour of every hue and design flash in and out among the pinnacles and branches of the coral. This kaleidoscope is best experienced by a scuba diver as he or she hovers like a bird over these beautiful coral gardens.  Photography is the best way by far to capture the diversity of life and from.

In Ley Kenyon’s fantastic painting he accurately portrays this unique underwater world, from first-hand knowledge, acquired by countless dives in these translucent waters.  the clarity of the waters is such that the Manta Rays appear to be flying through the air.  These gentle creatures have frequently allowed our artist to ride upon their wide backs.  They often exceed a ton and , with their wide cavernous mouths sweep in quantities of plankton and small fish.

The Black-tipped Reef Shark is more likely to ‘make-off’ when approached by humans than to attack.  The artist has depicted a few of the many species of marine life to be found in and around the Reef.  The Hawksbill Turtle is now an endangered species due to disturbance of its nesting beaches and by egg collectors.

Welcome to the World of a JHG  Jigsaw Puzzle

JHG Jigsaws Ltd is one of the UK’s few remaining jigsaw puzzle manufactures. Based at our converted farm premises in the beautiful countryside of Dorset, we now manufacture a wide range of jigsaw puzzles. “
Made in England” on the boxes means just that, and we use materials that are as eco friendly as we can find. Our puzzle board is made from recycled card as are our puzzle boxes.
The paper for the print is FSC certified and our Glue is starch based, made especially for us. Where possible we try to “Buy British” for the other components of our puzzles. This, we hope, all helps to reduce our carbon footprint


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