British Native Ponies 1000 PC Jigsaw Puzzle
British Native Ponies 1000 PC Jigsaw Puzzle


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Brand | Manufacturer:  James Hamilton Grovely (JHG)

1000 Pieces

Recommended Age: Adults

Made: England

Dimensions:  69.0 cm x 48.0 cm approximately when completed

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Product Description

British Native Ponies 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Britain has always been blessed with a large variety of native breeds.  These native ponies were once the backbone of the British transport system.  They pulled cars and carriages, carried goods and chattels, as well as transporting man in is travels and business.  Nowadays, many of our native ponies no longer work to earn their keep, but are used and enjoyed by man in his leisure hours, providing great pleasure to thousands of riders.

The smallest of these native breeds is the Shetland, probably the strongest member of the equine race in relation to its size and once used to pull carts in coal pits.  The largest of these is the Welsh Cob, which has always been a firm favourite with the Welsh farmers for hunting and known for its high trotting action.  This action, although not quite so marked , is also found in the Welsh pony (Cob Type).

Many of the native breeds are hardy individuals, with the Exmoor and Dartmoor surviving in the tough, bleak landscape of North Devon.  the New Forest pony roams at will over sixty thousand acres of countryside in Hampshire, but the land offers only poor pasture, making them hardy and economic feeders.

The Fell and Dale are often confused, as quite often both are black, but the Dales are usually slightly larger and stockier.  The Fell comes from the Western Pennines and the Dale from the Eastern Pennines, but both are popular riding ponies.

The smaller Welsh ponies have long been popular with children as riding ponies and are renowned for their elegant movements, making them a popular choice for the showing ring.

The Connemara is found in Ireland and although not strictly a British native pony has long been included when talking of native breeds.  The are hardy, intelligent and exceptionally good tempered.

The Highland is the largest and strongest of the mountain and moorland ponies.  The have excellent balance and are extremely sure footed, making them ideal for hill work.

Welcome to the World of a JHG  Jigsaw Puzzle

JHG Jigsaws Ltd is one of the UK’s few remaining jigsaw puzzle manufactures. Based at our converted farm premises in the beautiful countryside of Dorset, we now manufacture a wide range of jigsaw puzzles. “
Made in England” on the boxes means just that, and we use materials that are as eco friendly as we can find. Our puzzle board is made from recycled card as are our puzzle boxes.
The paper for the print is FSC certified and our Glue is starch based, made especially for us. Where possible we try to “Buy British” for the other components of our puzzles. This, we hope, all helps to reduce our carbon footprint


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